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19 Giu 2024 - 21 Giu 2024
MOX Events

Kickoff workshop of the ERC Synergy Grant "NEMESIS: New Generation Methods for Numerical Simulations"

The ERC NEMESIS project has been funded in the 2023 Synergy call for a duration of six years. Its goal is to lay the groundwork for a novel generation of numerical simulators by tackling key difficulties of PDE problems of the 21st century: -Incomplete differential operators in Hilbert complexes; -The efficient solution of the discrete problems relating to the latter; -The presence of nonlinear and hybrid-dimensional multi-physics, encountered in applications such as geological flows or magneto-hydrodynamics. The NEMESIS project aims at overcoming the above difficulties, therefore boosting the prediction capabilities of numerical simulators in engineering and applied sciences. A key point will be the use of polytopal meshes and the higher-level point of view provided by polytopal constructions. This kick-off workshop will gather a community of mathematicians and engineers working in the broad field of the project, to foster exchanges and promote long-term collaborations.
Paola F. Antonietti (Politecnico di Milano), Lourenco Beirao da Veiga (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca), Daniele A. Di Pietro (Université de Montpellier), Jerome Droniou (CNRS)
Montpellier (FR)