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26 Giu 2024 - 28 Giu 2024
Sezione di Analisi

Nonlinear PDEs: theory and modelling of real phenomena - on the occasion of Filippo Gazzola's 60th birthday

Provide a dynamic platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to converge and exchange insights on the latest developments in the field of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs). This interdisciplinary gathering seeks to foster collaborative discussions on the theoretical foundations and practical applications of nonlinear PDEs, exploring their pivotal role in accurately modeling and understanding complex real-world phenomena.
Comitato Scientifico: Elvise Berchio, Alberto Ferrero, Maurizio Garrione - Comitato Organizzatore: Edoardo Bocchi, Alessio Falocchi, Clara Patriarca, Gianmarco Sperone
Riemann International School of Mathematics (RISM), Varese