Head of Dept:  Prof. Giulio Magli
Vice-Head of Dept:  Prof. Gabriele Grillo
Department Manager:  Dr.ssa Franca Di Censo


For communications or information contact: Salute e Sicurezza dip. Matematica


  • in case of danger, evaluate the nature and the size of the event; intervene to restore normality only in case of controllable situations and if in possession of adequate training;
  • in case the danger rapidly degenerates (fire principle, risk of collapse or flooding, electrical risk, etc), immediately contact the number shown in the emergency plan and proceed as indicated below;
  • if the communication with the emergency number takes too long, immediately activate the alarm system by pressing the emergency button



  • following the evacuation alarm (siren) or in severe cases, when an emergency occurs and, therefore, without waiting for any signal, you must
    • interrupt the activity in progress (lesson, tutorial, exam, interview, research) and leave the room where you are, inviting any other person around to leave as well as those who occupy nearby and / or adjacent rooms;
    • follow the route and reach the emergency exits indicated by the signs displayed;
    • inform the workers, wearing the emergency jacket at the collection point, about the evacuation and/or about any critical issues that have occurred and remain available to them;
  • remember that during the evacuation the upper floors take precedence, therefore, once you reach the stairs (the elevators cannot be used), you will have to wait until they are clear;
  • in any case, both during the evacuation and after reaching the collection point, follow the instructions of the staff.