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The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to develop high quality research in pure and applied Mathematics, to promote educational activities at all university levels, to transfer knowledge and to interact with the society and the productive world.

The research activity is organized through nine research groups. The quality of the research is demonstrated by the level of the publications of the members of the Department and by the activities of the two PhD programs. It has also been recognized by the VQR assessment and by the assignment of the ‘‘Department of Excellence’’ project funded by the Italian Ministry of the University and Research.

The Department is closely linked to the Mathematical Engineering (bachelor and master) programs, an educational program for strongly skilled students centered on the application of mathematics to engineering with three main specializations: scientific calculation, statistics, mathematical finance.

The involvement of the Department on topics concerning the society is intense and covers cooperation with the industry, scientific dissemination and activities with schools. Some of these activities are also carried out thanks to the three laboratories of the department: MOX, QFinLab, FDS.

  • Director: Prof. Irene Maria Sabadini
  • Deputy director: Prof. Emilio Barucci
  • Management manager: Dr. Franca Di Censo

By regulation, the governing bodies of the Department are:

  • Scientific committee: Irene Maria Sabadini (Chair), Emilio Barucci, Michele Correggi, Franco Fagnola, Luca Formaggia, Gabriele Grillo, Anna Maria Paganoni.
  • Teaching committee: Gianni Arioli (Chair), Michele Correggi, Lucia Ladelli, Anna Maria Paganoni, Irene Maria Sabadini, Enrico Schlesinger, Simone Vantini, Marco Verani
  • Board: Irene Maria Sabadini (Chair), Paola F. Antonietti, Gianni Arioli, Michele Correggi, Franca Di Censo, Franco Fagnola, Luca Formaggia, Gabriele Grillo, Giulio Magli, Anna Maria Paganoni, Alberto Perversi.