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Innovative teaching

The expression “innovative education” refers to a set of tools and methodologies that allow to enhance both the students’ learning experience and the instructors’ teaching practice.

Politecnico di Milano has been one of the first Italian universities which produced, developed and resorted new educational models and methodologies, supported by scientific research in the educational field.

The Department of Mathematics has been active partner in producing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on the platform Polimi Open Knowledge managed by the learning innovation center METID  of Politecnico di Milano.

MOOCs are online courses made of high quality instructional videos, dig deeper sections and assessment activities.

The Department of Mathematics is in charge of the following MOOCs, available on Polimi Open Knowledge platform: 

The Department has been developing educational practices based on Blended and Hyperflex  methodologies (e.g., Flipped-learning), resorting digital resources, educational applet and general-purpose platforms.  Such an activity allowed to redesign some teaching practices and assessment activities through digital resources content-oriented, general-purpose and IA assisted.

In particular, the following courses:

  • Analysis 2 for bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • Mathematics for bachelor’s degree in Architectural design
  • Finanza matematica 1a  Mathematical Engineering Programme.