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Numbers and Stories New Directions for Climate Storylines and Scenarios
mercoledì 21 giugno 2023
Organizing Committee / Scientific Committee: Hernan Bobadilla (DMAT) Rawad El Skaf (DMAT) Francesco Nappo (DMAT) Massimo Tavoni (DIG) Giovanni Valente (DMAT)
The aim of ''Numbers and Stories'' is to survey and discuss new directions in climate change research, with an interdisciplinary approach. The theme of the workshop revolves around the use of qualitative and quantitative methods in climate change research, most importantly the development and use of scenarios for emission and decarbonization pathways, the storyline approach to detection and attribution of extreme weather events, and their repercussions for climate policy under deep uncertainty. Scenarios are key tools for depicting future climate and play a key role in assessments such as those of the IPCC. As the community looks forward to developing the next generation of scenarios, it is important to discuss which elements should be included in the narrative and operationalized in the qualitative and quantitative assessments. The workshop is planned as a full-day event with individual talks on Storylines in the morning and Scenarios/Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) in the afternoon. We will end with a panel discussion focused on the recent AR6 IPCC report with invited panelists, speakers and the organizing/scientific committee. ''Numbers and Storie'' is an in-person only event. Participation is free of charge. Registration is required.
Room 16B.1.1 - PoliMi (Leonardo)