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31 Maggio, 2002 14:30
MOX Seminar

3D modelling of flow around a cylinder in a scoured channel bed

Prof. Mustafa Altinakar, Lab. d Hydraulique Environnementale - EPFL (CH)
aula seminari MOX

A 3-D numerical model for simulating flow in an open-channel around a cylinder has been developed. The models solves the RANS equations using the k-e turbulence closure developed by Launder and Spalding, and a pressure-velocity coupling method proposed by Patankar and Spalding. The finite volume method is used to discretize the equations on a structured, non-staggered, hexahedral, boundary fitted grid. The model results are compared and validated using very detailed experimental data on the 3-D flow structure around a cylinder with a scour hole. The second part of the talk will be devoted to the discussion of a method for determining the depth integrated velocity profile in a river cross section, using the data obtained from a 1D model.