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24 Maggio, 2024 10:00 in punto
Sezione di Fisica Matematica

Trace formulas for one-dimensional Schrödinger operators

Hynek Kovarik, Università di Brescia
Sala Consiglio, VII Piano

One-dimensional Schrödinger operators satisfy certain identity, called the trace formula, which relates the scattering and spectral data of the operator in question with integral means of the corresponding potential. In this mini-course we will give a sketch of the proof of this formula and discuss some of its applications.

This initiative is part of the “PhD Lectures” activity of the project “Departments of Excellence 2023-2027” of the Department of Mathematics of Politecnico di Milano. This activity consists of seminars open to PhD students, followed by meetings with the speaker to discuss and go into detail on the topics presented at the talk.