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1 Marzo, 2024 10:00
MOX Seminar

Virtual Element Methods for Linear Elasticity Problems

Michele Visinoni, MOX, Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Milano
Aula Saleri

In recent years, the application of the Virtual Element Method (VEM) to computational mechanics has witnessed significant success, both for its robustness in handling general polygonal and polyhedral meshes, including hanging nodes and non-convex elements and for its remarkable flexibility in addressing specific features of the problems. In this talk, we will consider the application of this technology to linear elasticity problems, focusing on mixed schemes. In particular, we will present some Virtual Elements based on the Hellinger-Reissner functional for two-dimensional and three-dimensional settings. These methods, for which a rigorous stability and convergence analysis is available, represent a valid alternative to Finite Element schemes, as demonstrated by several numerical tests.