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18 Aprile, 2024 15:00
Sezione di Analisi

Strichartz estimates for the Dirac equation on compact manifolds without boundary

Elena Danesi, Università di Padova
Aula seminari - III piano

The Dirac equation on Rn can be listed within the class of dispersive equations, together with, e.g., the wave and Klein-Gordon equations. In the years a lot of tools have been developed in order to quantify the dispersion of a system. Among these one finds the Strichartz estimates, that are a priori estimates of the solutions in mixed Lebesgue spaces. For the flat case Rn they are known, as they are derived from the ones that hold for the wave and Klein-Gordon equations. However, when passing to a curved spacetime domain, very few results are present in the literature. In this talk I will firstly introduce the Dirac equation on curved domains. Then, I will discuss the validity of this kind of estimates in the case of Dirac equations on compact Riemannian manifolds without boundary. This is based on a joint work with Federico Cacciafesta (Università di Padova) and Long Meng (CERMICS-École des ponts ParisTech).