Laurea Magistrale

Programme of the Master of Science AA 2021/22

Structure of the Master Degree Programme

The Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematical Engineering belongs to the LM-44 Class (Modellistica matematico-fisica per l'ingegneria). This Class is not included in the traditional Classes of Engineering, namely, those existing before the so-called "3+2" reform. As a consequence, the MSc in Mathematical Engineering does not allow to access to the State Exam or the Professional Register for Section A. Statistics show, however, that this aspect is not a limiting factor to job placement or career progress for graduates in Mathematical Engineering.

The MSc in Mathematical Engineering is organized in a two-year curriculum with a total of 120 CFU. A list of the available tracks is reported below. For further detailed information, we refer to the Educational Rules and to all the other official documentation on the Politecnico web-site.

The Advisory Board (AdB) proposes three different pre-approved choices of courses, which correspond to three different Tracks for the graduate student (Majors): Besides the three above mentioned Tracks, the AdB proposes eleven Autonomous pre-approved Tracks (PAA) and five Double-Degree Master Programmes (DDMP), divided in three Internal DDMPs and two International DDMPs.

Each PAA is focused on a specific applicative sector and provides the graduate student a further level of specialization compared to that of the reference Major. The PAAs are designed for students enrolled without any curricula constraint to the MSc in Mathematical Engineering: in such a case, despite being autonomous study plans, they are by default approved by the AdB.

The Internal DDMPs are developed in tandem with another Course of Studies at Politecnico di Milano and have the main objective of integrating the competences of a graduate in Mathematical Engineering with other disciplines, the final aim being that of responding to specific sectorial needs by a novel professional figure. The graduate student obtains a double degree. Also, the "second" degree may allow the student access to the State Exam and to the Professional Register for Section A. The programmes include a total of (about) 180CFU to be acquired within three years, but already at the end of the second year the graduate student is allowed to decide whether to conclude his/her study course (in which case he/she obtains only the "first" degree) or to continue until the end of the third year (in which case he/she obtains also the "second" degree). Therefore, each Internal DDMP may be regarded as a special PAA that, with the optional addendum of one further year of study, provides the graduate student a second Master Degree.

The International DDMPs are agreed with foreign universities that provide both the MSc of Politecnico di Milano and a foreign degree. In particular, two International DDMPs have been specifically tailored to the MSc in Mathematical Engineering. A part of the education track of these programmes has to be taken in foreign institutions and for this reason they have a very limited access.

A complete list of the alternate available tracks reads as follows:

A Track  may also be integrated by an internship and/or an international experience, such as a short course attendance, a semester course attendance with exam (typically, the ERASMUS programme), the Master Thesis, a double degree programme, etc. An overview of the opportunities provided by the University can be found HERE, whereas a list of the international ERASMUS exchange student agreements and of the double degree programmes for the MSc in Mathematical Engineering can be found HERE.