[1] Paolo Piovano:
The STAMM 2020+1 initially planned to take place in Brescia and postponed due to the pandemic will finally take place in the form of an online meeting:
"ISIMM Virtual Meeting 2020+1"
on the 17th of September, 2021 from 2PM to 6PM CEST (in Brescia we currently plan STAMM 2022).
ORGANIZERS. The event is organized by the members of the ISIMM Executive Board: Detmann Bettina, Apala Majumdar, Alessandro Musesti, Paolo Piovano, Giuseppe Saccomandi, Anja Schlömerkemper, Yasemin Sengül.
DESCRIPTION. In this occasion the celebration of the already announced 2020 Junior and Senior ISIMM Prizes and a panel discussion on the history and future of ISIMM will take place, also in view of some upcoming crucial reorganizationof ISIMM. Please, find below the poster of the event for more information on the speakers and for the zoom link to the event at the link: https://www.univie.ac.at/variationalmethods/announcements/ISIMM-meeting-poster.pdf  
SPEAKERS and PANELISTS: B. Emek Abali, Vito Crismale, Michele Curatolo, Robin Knops, Paolo Podio-Guidugli, Tommaso Ruggeri, Anja Schlömerkemper, Giuseppe Tomassetti.
Everybody is kindly invited and we look forward to your participation! 
[2] Paolo Piovano:


Minisymposium MS14 with title
"Textures, interfaces, and defects in crystalline and magnetic materials: the variational viewpoint"
organized by Paolo Piovano (polytechnic University of Milan), Francesco Solombrino (University of Naples) and Bianca Stroffolini (University of Naples) at the
SIAM Conference on "Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science" (MS21)
in Bilbao, Spain (online due to pandemic) from May 17 to 28, 2021 (website: https://wp.bcamath.org/siamms21/).
SPEAKERS: Annika Bach, Marco Bonacini, Riccardo Cristoferi, Rita Ferreira, ,Julian Fischer, Manuel Friedrich,  Martin Jesenko, Shokhrukh Kholmatov, Leonard Kreutz, Giuliano Lazzaroni, Edoardo Mainini, Anastasia Molchanova, Marco Morandotti, Gianluca Orlando, Mircea Alexandru Petrache, Matthias Ruf, Igor Velcic, Raghav Venkatraman, Elvira Zappale.
[3] Franco Tomarelli:
Announcement of the upcoming RISM congress
which will take place in Varese, on July 21-23, 2021 at the Riemann International School of Mathematics - villa Toeplitz, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria.

The Workshop aims at presenting an up-to-date view of the broad research field of nonlinear PDEs and continuum mechanics 

with an attention to modeling and analysis of fluid-dynamics, elasticity, complex materials.

The emergence of scale structures driven by nonlinearities constitutes a major challenge to the understanding of continuum physics deeply founded in the PDEs framework.


The conference room at villa Toeplitz has been recently endowed with new facilities which allow

live streaming with a control room on site and with the possibility of hosting participants from

remote. Participants connected via Zoom or Teams platforms will have a virtual seat standing on a

tablet in the between of real seats of people in presence. This in the hope of reproducing the

stimulating atmosphere of a traditional conference in which the attention is captured by the virtual

presence in the room among other colleagues. This opportunity is not intended to substitute the

traditional presence which we strongly recommend.

Selected young participants in person will be offered free accomodation.
Posters will be also posted on the RISM web page. 
Please find below the link to the event with further information and the registration form which we kindly ask you to submit as soon as possible for logistic reasons. Also for people participating from remote, registration will give privileged access to the conference room. 
Looking forward to it and in the hope of meeting most of you in person at RISM,


Daniele Cassani, Giuseppe Maria Coclite, Franco Tomarelli

[4] M.C. Cerutti, F. Ferrari, G. Verzini: One Day in PDEs (PoliMi, October 1)
[5] D. Bonheure, G.P. Galdi, F. Gazzola: Research Group on Navier-Stokes Equations and Fluid-Stucture Interaction
[6] M. Garrione, F. Gazzola: School/workshop Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics and Applications, Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Villa Grumello (Como), September 13-17, 2021
[7] D. Bucur, I. FragalĂ , A. Henrot: RESEARCH SCHOOL "SHAPE OPTIMIZATION, SPECTRAL GEOMETRY, AND CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS".  This Research School intends to present to young researchers the state of the art in shape optimization and its links with spectral geometry and calculus of variations. This is a very modern topic, with many open questions, which has numerous academic applications, as well as industrial ones. In order to allow every participant to get the best benefit from this School, we will organize four series of lectures of 5 hours each on: shape optimization, spectral geometry, geometric and isoperimetric inequalities, numerical aspects of these questions. Besides these lectures, some “working sessions” will be planned, during which young researchers will be able to present their problem sand interact with the audience. The participants will also have the occasion to discuss and ask questions to the lecturers and organizers during specific office hours. Speakers: Almut Burchard, Bruno Colbois, Charles Dapogny, Pedro Freitas, Jimmy Lamboley, Edouard Oudet. Organizers: Dorin Bucur, Ilaria Fragala`, Antoine Henrot. Web page, registration (grant request deadline: January 15, 2021): https://conferences.cirm-math.fr/2299.html
Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Matematica