SSD Name of the course Professor A.A./Semester Language Credits
MAT/08 Advanced programming for scientific computing De Falco Fall English 5
MAT/03 Discrete and geometric tomography Dulio Spring English 5
MAT/05 Decay properties of linear evolution equations Dell’Oro Spring English 5
SEC-S/06 Machine learning in finance Marazzina, Restelli Fall English 5
MAT/08 Numerical methods for the fluid structure interaction problem Vergara Fall English 5
MAT/08 Optimal control for partial differential equations Manzoni, Salsa, Quarteroni   English 5
MAT/08 Python per il calcolo scientifico Miglio Fall English 5
MAT/08 Reduced order modeling for parametrized systems Manzoni Fall English 5
SECS-S/01 Statistical methods in healthcare research - tailored techniques for the analysis of complex and massive data in healthcare Ieva Spring English 5
MAT/08 Cardiovascular mathematics Vergara, Dedé, Zunino Fall English 5
  Advanced mathematical methods in engineering I Zunino     5
  Advanced mathematical methods in engineering II Sabadini     5
MAT/06 An introduction to deterministic and stochastic control theory Confortola, Guatteri, Marchini Fall English 5
MAT/05 Principi di Massimo per Equazioni Ellittiche e Paraboliche Monticelli, Punzo   English 5