Courses offered in 2012

Course Professor Period
Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Elements Methods  Cockburn – Houston – Süli  May 28 – June 1 (Pavia)
Numerical  Approximation of Conservation Laws  Naldi  Jan - Feb
High Speed & Detonating Flows + Plasma Physics Matsuo – Lazzaro Feb - Mar
Numerical methods in Geosciences Formaggia – Miglio  Oct - Dec
Advanced Time Discretization Techniques for Large Systems of ODEs  Bonaventura  May
Martingale Problem & Stochastic Differential Equations Delarue (Guatteri)  Jan
Stochastic Calculus & Stochastic Differential Equations  Barchielli – Fagnola  Feb - Mar
Smart Elasticity  Biscari  Feb (Brescia)
Cardiovascular Mathematics  Ambrosi – Formaggia  June
Cardiac Imaging and Modelling  Clayton et al (Formaggia)  July (Oxford)
Active Hydrodynamics  Virga  Feb - Mar
A week on Fractional Diffusion  Cabré – Roquejoffre (Verzini)  Jan
Linear Semigroups  Pata  Feb - Mar
Functional Analysis & PDEs  Di Cristo  May - Jun
Kahlerian Manifolds  Paoletti  Mar - Apr
Communicating Scientific Research  Paganoni / Piccolo Teatro  Sep - Nov
Non-parametric Statistics  Paganoni – Secchi  Feb - Jun
Risk Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis  Zio – Guglielmi et al  Feb
Computational complexity and network optimization algorithms Amaldi - Malucelli  Feb - Apr
Calculus of Variations Tomarelli Mar - May