TitoloThe timing of life history events in presence of soft disturbances
Autore/iBertacchi, D; Zucca, F; Ambrosini, R.
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AbstractWe study a model for the evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) used by biological populations for choosing the time of life-history events, such as migration and breeding. In our model we accounted for both intra-species competition (early individuals have a competitive advantage) and a disturbance which strikes at a random time, killing a fraction 1-p of the population. Disturbances include spells of bad weather, such as freezing or heavily raining days It has been shown by Iwasa and Levin (1995), that when p=0, then the ESS is a mixed strategy, where individuals wait for a certain time and afterwards start arriving (or breeding) every day. We remove the constraint $p=0$ and show that if 0