CodiceQDD 180
TitoloThe Hamiltonian generating Quantum Stochastic Evolutions in the limit from Repeated to Continuous Interactions
Autore/iGregoratti, M.
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AbstractWe consider a quantum stochastic evolution in continuous time defined by the quantum stochastic differential equation of Hudson and Parthasarathy. On one side, such an evolution can be defined also by a standard Schroedinger equation with a singular and unbounded Hamiltonian operator K. On the other side, such an evolution can be obtained also as a limit from Hamiltonian repeated interactions in discrete time. We study how the structure of the Hamiltonian K emerges in the limit from repeated to continuous interactions. We present results in the case of 1-dimensional multiplicity and system spaces, where calculations can be explicitly performed, and the proper formulation of the problem can be discussed.