CodiceQDD 135
TitoloStrong local survival of branching random walks is not monotone
Autore/iBertacchi, D.; Zucca, F.
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AbstractThe aim of this paper is the study of the strong local survival property for discrete-time and continuous-time branching random walks. We study this property by means of an infinite dimensional generating function G and a maximum principle which, we prove, is satisfied by every fixed point of G. We give results about the existence of a strong local survival regime and we prove that, unlike local and global survival, in continuous time, strong local survival is not a monotone property in the general case (though it is monotone if the branching random walk is quasi transitive). We provide an example of an irreducible branching random walk where the strong local property depends on the starting site of the process. By means of other counterexamples we show that the existence of a pure global phase is not equivalent to nonamenability of the process, and that even a branching random walk with the same branching law at each site may not exhibit strong local survival.