CodiceQDD 93
TitoloMultiscale Modeling and Simulation of Organic Solar Cells
Autore/ide Falco, C.; Porro, M.; Sacco, R.; Verri, M.
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PubblicatoJournal of Computational Physics
AbstractIn this article, we continue our mathematical study of organic photovoltaic device models started off in a previous work, focusing on the issue of accurately modeling the impact of the interface morphology on device performance. To this end, we propose a multi-dimensional model for bilayer organic solar cell devices with arbitrary interface geometries derived by averaging the mass balance equations across the interface thickness. This yields a system of incompletely parabolic nonlinear PDEs to describe mass transport in the materials, coupled with ODEs localized at the heterojunction. We perform the numerical approximation of the differential system in stationary conditions and we apply it to the simulation of a variety of devices with different morphologies.