CodiceQDD 63
TitoloSurvival, extinction and approximation of discrete-time branching random walks
Autore/iZucca, F.
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AbstractWe consider a general discrete-time branching random walk on a countable set X. We relate local and global survival with suitable inequalities involving the first-moment matrix M of the process. In particular we prove that, while the local behavior is characterized by M, the global behavior cannot be completely described in terms of properties involving M alone. Moreover we show that locally surviving branching random walks can be approximated by sequences of spatially confined and stochastically dominated branching random walks which eventually survive locally if the (possibly finite) state space is large enough. An analogous result can be achieved by approximating a branching random walk by a sequence of multitype contact processes and allowing a sufficiently large number of particles per site. We compare these results with the ones obtained in the continuous-time case and we give some examples and counterexamples.