CodiceQDD 55
TitoloBell s Inequality Violations: Relation with de Finetti s Coherence Principle and Inferential Analysis of Experimental Data
Autore/iFagnola, F.; Gregoratti, M.
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AbstractIt is often believed that de Finetti s coherence principle in the finite case naturally leads to the Kolmogorov s probability theory of random phenomena and that such a theory unavoidably implies Bell s inequality. Thus, an alternative probability theory allowing for a violation of Bell s inequality, such as quantum probability, should violate also de Finetti s coherence principle. Firstly, we show that this is not the case: the typical violations of Bell s inequality are in theoretical agreement with de Finetti s coherence principle. Secondly, we consider the experimental data of measurements of polarization of photons, performed to verify empirically violations of Bell s inequality. We analyze them to test the null hypothesis of validity of the Kolmogorov s probability model for the observed phenomenon and we compute their p-value to quantify the experimental violation of the null hypothesis.