Disclaimer for full-text access

Full-texts and catalographic descriptions of the products present in the Digital Collections of the Department of Mathematics and viewable through the web site www.mate.polimi.it/biblioteca are completely under the responsibility of the authors.

The Department of Mathematics "Francesco Brioschi" and the Politecnico di Milano are not responsible for errors or misprints in the contents of the products in electronic format, and for the consequences that the use of such contents may produce.

Browsing, viewing, and author rights

The diffusion via web of the products available in electronic format is explicitely permitted by the authors.

The user, while viewing a product downloaded from the site www.mate.polimi.it/biblioteca, MUST, under his full responsibility, not extensible to the Ateneum, be aware of the following:

  • if the user wants publish partially of integrally the products present in the web site www.mate.polimi.it/biblioteca, he MUST obtain a written permission from the author of the product. The author of the product is the unique holder of the copyright (Law n. 633-1941 and subsequent integration (partcularly the pronunciation of the Perugia Court - february 2, 1995);

  • if the user want to cite the product, the citation MUST contain the full name and surname of the author and the title of the product. If the product is a theses, the citation MUST include the name of the advisor and of the co-advisor, the name of the University, the indication of the Academic Year, and the number of the cited pages (if appropriate);

  • the user is permitted to browse and view the products contained in the Digital Collections, under the agreement that he will not communicate by any means (prints, broadcasting, internet, and any other communicative media that may exist or that may be invented in the future) the product's content or even parts of it. Any behaviour not fullfilling this agreement wil be persecuted by law.