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Coordinator:   Prof. Roberto Lucchetti
Dipartimento di Matematica
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  Calculus of variations print
Colombo Fabrizio (Associate Professor)
FragalĂ  Ilaria (Associate Professor)
Tomarelli Franco (Full Professor)
Keywords: free-discontinuity problems, shape optimization, thin structures, image segmentation, Gamma-convergence, relaxations, homogenization, SBV spaces.
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  Elliptic equation print
Arioli Gianni (Associate Professor)
Conti Monica (Associate Professor)
Gazzola Filippo (Full Professor)
Lupo Daniela (Full Professor)
Pierotti Dario (Associate Professor)
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  Evolution Equations print
Grasselli Maurizio (Full Professor)
Pata Vittorino (Full Professor)
Colombo Fabrizio (Associate Professor)
Conti Monica (Associate Professor)
Marchini Elsa Maria (Researcher)
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