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Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering
Politecnico di Milano Department of Mathematics "Francesco Brioschi"

Coordinator:   Prof. Roberto Lucchetti
Dipartimento di Matematica
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PhD Research
1) Baroli, D.  Multiscale Methods for highly heteroegeneous media, 8th Non-linearities and upscaling in porous media(NUPUS) Meeting , Freudenstadt, Black Forest, 2014-03-19
2) Giovanardi, B.  Numerical modeling of porosity evolution in source rock during kerogen breakdown, NUPUS meeting 2014, Freudenstadt, Germania, 2014-03-19
3) Wang, Y.  Finite time blow up and global solutions for fourth order damped wave equations, School on Nonlinear Elliptic Problems, Università di Milano 'Bicocca', Milano, Italy, 2014-01-23
4) Tarabelloni, N.  An introduction to CMake, Incontri Informatici MOX 2014, MOX, 2014-01-21
5) Menafoglio, A.; Guadagnini, A.; Secchi, P.  Functional Compositional Kriging of particle-size curves in heterogeneous aquifers, ERCIM 2013, London, 2013-12-16
6) Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.  Kriging complex data for environmental applications: a critical inquiry into the functional approach, ERCIM 2013, Londra, 2013-12-15
7) Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.; Guadagnini, A.  Geostatistical interpolation of particle-size curves in heterogeneous aquifers, American Geophysical Union's 46th annual Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2013-12-09
8) Dell'Oro, F.  On the stability of Timoshenko systems with Gurtin-Pipkin thermal law, , University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom, 2013-11-29
9) Stangalino, S.  The Cahn-Hilliard equation: applications, numerical difficulties and discretizations, informale, University of Warwick, 2013-11-29
10) Zilio, A.  Strongly competing systems with fractional diffusion: uniform regularity theory, Journées ERC ReaDi 12-13 Novembre 2013, Centre d'analyse et de mathématique sociales, CNRS, Paris, France, 2013-11-12