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PhD School
Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering
Politecnico di Milano Department of Mathematics "Francesco Brioschi"

Coordinator:   Prof. Roberto Lucchetti
Dipartimento di Matematica
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PhD Research
1) Menafoglio, A.; Guadagnini , A.; Secchi, P.  A Kriging Approach based on Aitchison Geometry for the Characterization of Particle-Size Curves in Heterogeneous Aquifers, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 28(7), 1835-1851, (2014)   url,
2) Pini, A.; Vantini, S.  Hypothesis Testing in Functional Data Analysis: a Non-parametric Approach, Proceedings of the 47-th Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society, (2014)
3) Pini, A.; Abramowicz, K.; Hager, C.; Hébert-Losier, K.; Schelin, L.; Strandberg, J.; Vantini, S.  Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture: Functional Data Analysis of Knee Motion, Proceedings of the 47-th Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society, (2014)
4) Pettinati, V.; Ambrosi, D.; Ciarletta , P.  Active stress as a local regulator of global size in morphogenesis, Interface (SUBMITTED), (2014)
5) Cremona, M.; Pelicci, P.; Riva, L.; Sangalli, L.; Secchi, P.; Vantini, S.  Cluster analysis on shape indices for ChIP-Seq data, SIS2014 Proceedings, (2014)
6) Tarabelloni, N.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.  Covariance Based Unsupervised Classification in Functional Data Analysis, MOX report, (2014)   url,
7) Wang, Y.  Finite time blow-up and global solutions for fourth order damped wave equations, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 418, 713-733, (2014)
8) Tarabelloni, N.; Paganoni, A.; Ieva, F.; Biasi, R.  Use of depth measure for multivariate functional data in disease prediction: an application to electrocardiographic signals, MOX Report , 54/2013, (2014)
9) Pacciarini, P.; Rozza, G.  Stabilized reduced basis method for parametrized advection–diffusion PDEs, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 274, 1-18, (2014)   url,
10) Baroli, D.; Sartori, A.; Rozza, G.; Ponciroli, R.; Chiesa, D.; Ricotti, E.; Cammi, A.; Luzzi, L.; Sisti, M.; Previtali, E.  Comparison of a Modal Method and a Proper Orthogonal Decomposition approaches for multi-group time-dependent reactor spatial kinetics, Annals in Nuclear Energy, (2014)