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Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering
Politecnico di Milano Department of Mathematics "Francesco Brioschi"

Coordinator:   Prof. Roberto Lucchetti
Dipartimento di Matematica
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Candidate Title Advisor
Alessio Fumagalli Numerical modelling of flows in fractured porous media by the XFEM method Luca Formaggia
Francesca Ieva Statistical methods for classification in cardiovascular healthcare Anna Maria Paganoni
Chiara Lelli Characterization of delayed after-depolarization in extended FitzHugh-Nagumo models Paolo Biscari
Ilario Mazzieri Non-conforming high order methods for the elastodynamics equation Alfio Quarteroni, Francesca Rapetti
Matteo Pischiutta Mathematical and numerical modelling of the evolution of mixtures of sand in aeolian dunes Luca Formaggia, Fabio Nobile
Matteo Pozzoli Efficient partitioned algorithms for the solution of fluid-structure interaction problems in haemodynamics Fabio Nobile, Christian Vergara
Lorenzo Tamellini Polynomial approximation of PDEs with stochastic coefficients Fabio Nobile
Valeria Vitelli Classification of functional data in the presence of spatial dependence. Methods, algorithms and case studies Piercesare Secchi
Oznur Yeldan A stochastic continuous cellular automata traffic model with fuzzy decision rules Alberto Colorni


Candidate Title Advisor
Paolo Finotelli Strain-induced defects in nematic elastomers Paolo Biscari
Luca Galantucci Superfluid flows in wall-bounded geometries Maurizio Quadrio
Monica Gamba Study of parameter dependence for hyperbolic systems Gianni Arioli


Candidate Title Advisor
Marco Carnini A comparison of computational models of gas-surface interaction Aldo Frezzotti
Paola Curci Modellazione e simulazione numerica di onde su domini illimitati Stefano Micheletti
Paolo Ferrandi Wave propagation phenomena in inhomogeneous and anisotropic media Stefano Micheletti
Loredana Gaudio Spectral element discretization of optimal control problems Alfio Quarteroni
Gian Pietro Ghiroldi GPU acceleration of rarefied gas dynamic Simulations Aldo Frezzotti
Lucia Mirabella Numerical methods for cardiovascular problems: computational electrocardiology and fluid dynamics in moving domains Alessandro Veneziani
Anna Scotti A numerical model for generation, retention and expulsion of hydrocarbons from source rock Luca Formaggia


Candidate Title Advisor
Marco Compagnoni Geometrical aspects of D-Branes in non-compact manifolds Sergio Cacciatori
Mariarita De Luca Mathematical and numerical models for cerebral aneurysms wall mechanics Alessandro Veneziani, Anne Marie Robertson
Achille Frigeri Definability problems in Z and in Zp Alessandra Cherubini, Christian Choffrut
Sara Minisini Mathematical and numerical modeling of controlled drug release Luca Formaggia, Paolo Zunino
Andrea Mola Models for Olympic rowing boats Luca Formaggia, Muhammad Hajj
Claudia Nuccio Word equations on semigroups and monoids Alessandra Cherubini
Tiziano Passerini Computational hemodynamics of the cerebral circulation: Multiscale modeling from the circle of Willis to cerebral aneurysms Alessandro Veneziani
Mauro Perego Mathematical and numerical models for focal cerebral ischemia and electrocardiology Alessandro Veneziani
Paola Radrizzani Game theory and microarray data analysis Roberto Lucchetti